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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend is over...

The weekend is over. I must say they always find a way to go by so quickly. On Saturday I did my cemetery rounds and planted some flowers. Sunday we had a big family cookout. The weather was beautiful. The kids went in the pool despite the water temperature only being 55 degrees. Won't catch me in there until it is up to about 70.

I took about 800 pictures, so that means I now have to scrapbook them. I didn't get any pages done this weekend because I left my disk drive with all my digital scrapbooking stuff at work. I could have started from scratch, but...

I have 2 more challenges to complete for the blog challenge. I also have a few more to do for some of the other sites I belong to. Sometimes it is hard to keep them all straight.

I think I will go start on a few of the aforementioned pages...and the week goes on.

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