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Friday, May 23, 2008

Remembering I have a blog...

There are times you get so busy with life you forget things. Like the fact that you had a goal to blog more often this year. I forgot.

I have been very busy doing challenges at various scrapbook sites. I really enjoy them as they make me take the time to do a scrapbook page. Sometimes they really get you thinking and challenge you to learn new things. Like the ScrapShana CT blog challenges - You have 7 challenges in total by 7 different people. Quite fun. Start the challenge at this blog.

My completed layouts for the current challenges can be found at

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Next goal - to blog again before the fourth of July. Thanks Shavari for responding to my blog - you reminded me I had one.

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Charlie's Nana said...

Michelle, thanks for playing our challenges. Hope you received my message with links to your QP's from me.

Now see what all of this has gotten, you! I was tagged and now YOU ARE IT! *giggle* *ducking and hiding*
Shari (aka charliesnana)